" I used to have a magician at my birthday parties as a child. For my 7th birthday party I decided that I wanted to perform myself. I always loved how magic made me feel - I remember the first trick I ever saw, the magician asked me to hold 2 sponge rabbits and he told me that when I opened my hand there would be more than 2, and I vividly remember thinking "wow, if there's more than 2 then this HAS to be real magic".... I think I was 4 at the time but the logic of what was possible and what wasn't which began back then, was what caused my obsession with magic. So I was 7 and I wanted to perform my own show, my Dad took me to a toy shop where I got a basic magic set. I came home, and began practicing. I laid out the table with a black cloth and neatly arranged all the tricks ready for the party. When everyone arrived, I began. It was terrible, no one watched and I cried for days but that was enough to get me hooked. I had to learn it.

By the time I was 9 I realised that I could consistently fool my parents and other adults. At 11 I began to study the psychological side of performing, mind reading, thought control, NLP and continued developing my sleight of hand. It was a 6 hour a day routine, sometimes spending up to 8 hours at a time just working on one subtlety or move.

At 16 I got my first job as a magician. It was for TGI Fridays entertaining the guests over the weekend. It was terrifying, I'd spent so many years working on everything that I needed to use to perform but I hadn't ever done it. So the idea of walking up to a group of people I didn't know was very scary. With gritted teeth, I got through that and gradually improved my performance abilities and skill with handling an audience.

At 19 I began working with one of the largest night club chains in the UK. This was what made me as a performer. I had learnt the sleight of hand, I had mastered the art of misdirection, creating wonder and astonishment in my audience was second nature. - now it was time to meet a new type of spectator - the heckler. In a nightclub, no one holds back.... If people catch something, or they want to grab something out of your hands mid-trick... they will. So over the next 3 years I learnt to handle these types of challenging spectators until the point where I was considered by many to be "heckler-proof".

The last 10 years have taken me all over the world... from oil riggers, and football fans to billionaire oligarchs, celebrities and royalty. I firmly believe that close-up magic, even in a different setting, is an art and in reality is a small piece of theatre brought straight to the tables of the party. It's my goal to create meaning in what I do. To fill people with that same sense of wonder I had when I was 4.... Magic creates a variety of emotions within people and from my experience, it will stay vivid in people's minds for years after witnessing something which can be considered to be astonishing."