The Magic

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What kind of magic does James perform?

James Harrington, the Dubai Magician, can perform over 500 different effects and tailors each set to fit the mood and character of a particular audience. Below are some of the various categories that these effects fall into.

Psychological Illusion:

Psychological illusion is a rare and exciting form of trickery which began in the 70s with Neuro Linguistic Programming. Using this form of psychology/hypnosis, it is possible to create some very spooky and magical effects that look just like real mind reading. Check out the video (right) for some examples!



Sleight of Hand and Misdirection:

During this section of the performance, James will show you why you should never play cards for money. Practicing for over 6 hours per day has given James the ability to safely replicate the skill and dexterity with a pack of cards usually only accomplished by professional card cheats. You will see a variety of feats that will fool the eyes of the most observant participant - all for entertainment purposes only! Check out the video (right) for an example of one of the most difficult sleight of hand card routines ever devised. Only 5 people worldwide can perform this routine.


Mind-blowing Magic

This is classic magic with a modern twist. Incredible effects that present that same feeling of wonder and excitement as we felt when we were children. Here, James will do effects with cards, currency, rings, rubber bands and other various every-day objects. This form of entertainment is presented slowly and can be truly scrutinised as there is genuinely nothing to hide. An example of this type of effect is where a signed, borrowed note vanishes and appears inside a real, examined Kiwi fruit that was in full view the entire time. Check out the video (right) for an example!


Private Party Magician...

James is constantly referred to as the highlight of the event and private parties are an excellent example of how much impact hiring a close-up magician can have. During this type of event, James performs for up to 2 hours without breaks, roaming between small to large groups. Hiring James for your private party will give your guests a unique experience of something that most people have never seen close-up. They will be talking about it for months, if not, years after.


Corporate Magician...

Corporate functions are a perfect occasion to hire a close-up magician James Harrington. James' extensive experience working with fortune 500 companies to help make their events stylish and successful, means he can literally offer you a complete refund if you're not 100% satisfied. Perfect for award ceremonies, hospitality, product launches, James will arrive 1 hour early to ensure your peace of mind. James will begin entertaining guests as they enter for the cocktail reception, here they will witness light-hearted and fun effects that are full of audience involvement. This initial part is important in bringing people into a state of relaxation ready to have a good time and enjoy themselves at your event. The performance will then continue during dinner. James' 2 hour performance can be broken up to allow for any speeches or awards to be given during this time.


Wedding Magician...

As the Wedding Magician in Dubai, James has performed for countless wedding receptions. For a two hour booking, James will arrive an hour early to ensure your peace of mind. The magic will commence as people are arriving at the venue and will continue into dinner. This type of performance, going from table to table creates a constant talking point and makes for a great icebreaker. Throughout the performance, applause will be heard throughout the venue and everyone will be excited to witness the magic first hand.